During the two weeks i spent caring for my husband in hospital i realized that it is not so easy to figure how people will respond to your troubles . Many of his friends were so helpful, they came everyday, one of them even brought me some gourmet dish to eat so i didn’t have to cook for myself. My cousin invited me to dinner, a friend came to take me to the movies so i could have some me- time. In general my husband ‘s relatives were so present, with one big exception: his sister (and nephew, who at 22 could have had an opinion of his own, but didn’t). Ok, life outside doesn’t stop, so do problems, bills to pay and other annoying tasks, but she is a real drama queen and she is really good at finding excuses. Even accusing Francesco to act against her …so sad. Anyway i felt better without her…i could plan all the things i had to do with a clear schedule . Anyway my husband is absolutely better.

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camminatrice e scrittrice, insegnante e madre - di - gatto, moglie scoordinata e ricercatrice, vive nel profondo nord.
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